Brief Interruption

If this isn’t true, then I’m a blue camel crossing the desert.

New occurrences in the home has encouraged blog entry number 3. Hubster McStudmuffin (super cute nickname for my hubby-patent pending) isn’t feeling well. It must be serious because consideration for visiting the doctor has escaped from his lips. I’m hoping he’ll feel a lot better soon.

Dinner is  ready- Garlic herb chicken on a bed of basmati rice and steamed veggies with a homemade chicken stock gravy. Nothing from a 4 star restaurant, but Chef Gordon Ramsay would approve. I hope anyway, but I’d take an empty plate from the kids as well.

During work today, I re-discovered my disdain for math. It doesn’t seem so bad when I’m teaching the kids the simple addition, but throw in brackets, decimals and squareroots, I’d gladly read the Canadian Charter of Rights verbatim instead.

The number of interruptions Ive endured even through this simple entry is record breaking. One of which consisted of me saying “don’t put the mats around your neck.” Does that sentence make sense to anyone else?

As delighted as I would be to continue my escape through words, I must bid thee goodbye, au revoir, and to all a good night (or morning if the distance is great).


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