Working double shifts

What an intriguing day.

After the excruciating long day yesterday, I have somewhat been revived. Coffee only offered its strong taste, nothing in the caffeine-me-awake department…so I relied heavily on splashes of ice cold water to the face to sustain the rest of the hours I had to stay awake until my honey returned home.

And when he did, he granted me with a nap while he cooked dinner, washed dishes, and watched the kids.

It was like a vacation in dreamland. It felt so unreal that for at least 45 minutes, my body refused to believe a break was happening and wouldn’t give in. With much determination, I overrode those feelings and slumbered for 3 hours. While not much to some, it was much appreciated. The kids were due for bed within the hour anyhow, and as soon as their bedtime routine was finished, sleep subdued me.

Heavenly. It was so heavenly. So much so, that I awoke this morning and prepared a beautiful pancake breakfast.

At the table, I reminded my young ones of the importance of sleep. My 3 year olds response:

“You need a shower.”

Looks like the lesson in honesty has settled into his system. Brutal honesty is next on the curriculum. To no avail was he wrong though.

Is there a way to balance everything at once? If someone has the secret, clue me in! A 5 minute shower while the kids rue the house is a bit unnerving. Nothing permanently damaging happened, but there was a incident of play-do cuisine with my 1 year old. Thank goodness for non-toxic processes.

So this mom is closing in on a break and about to hit the home office work hard.

Until tomorrow (or whenever the world plans another 5-10 minutes free time).


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