Its not at all like the doctors on TV…


When mom plays with the boys, details matter.

Me:  Hey boys, why don’t we add an airport to our city!?
Boys in excitement: YEAH!!!
Me: And maybe use the megablocks to make buildings for the cars and people to go in?
3yrold: GREAT IDEA! And don’t forget the police patrol cars to make sure there are no bad guys!
Me: Only if Batman is chief!

There’s something about the innocence in kids that refreshes me. After a couple hours laughing at there jokes that are actually just one word punchlines and making up songs about dinosaurs, I feel like a puppy in a milk-bone house. Just so at peace and happy 🙂

In other events,Hubby McStudmuffin is on his way home. Still a lot of unanswered questions but a prescription was given. A slight sigh of relief escapes me, but a smidge of worry is still amidst. Doctors are not at all what they seem like on House M.D or Grey’s Anatomy.  And while it’s rather juvenile to believe that the real world could actually be like that of fiction television, I honestly wished the extreme levels of care and drive to diagnosis was true!  Not that I wish anything on Hubs,  but many different doctors for the same medical condition and no definite answers.  And there goes another sigh.

Feeling a little discouraged about work these days. Mostly because I can’t make a lot of moves without proper financing. That’s normal, I know.  But my dream for this is so big! I imagine the families we’d be helping, the kids we’d be teaching and how much of the planet we’d be sustaining and my eyes start to well, with happiness of course.
I just .. I wish. ..
For once, I wish the financial miracle happened in our family.

When I do finally get where I’m supposed to be with this,  so many parts of me will feel complete. Until then, I’ll just allow my beautiful, trouble filled boys to bring me that sense of nirvana (I instantly started humming Lithium ) that they always do…when they aren’t impersonating Dennis the Menace.

Good day. “I SAID GOOD DAY!”
(If you know this quote, we should be friends…just sayin’)


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