Make haste!

Hubby McStudmuffin (see previous entry for clarification) left for the hospital in an ambulance around 5 this morning. Heart racing, sweaty palms, the whole nine yards. Frequent updates have revealed nothing life-threatening thus far, and I hope it remains this way.

Our lack of a car has left me at home with the kids in a worried state. To preoccupy myself, I deep cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, rearranged my bedroom and the family room, did all the laundry, gave the kids a bath (as opposed to at night during bedtime routine), organized the kids toys by type and washed the windows. This all before noon.

Not having a car doesn’t usually bother me, but it really is taking its toll today.

I’ve tried getting some work done, but sitting still doesn’t help matters. I don’t like being alone in hospitals, especially when they’re running tests, so it doesn’t feel just leaving him in that predicament. Taking the bus to get to him seems like a good option, minus the -19 degree weather and winds of 27 mph. I’m just awaiting his go ahead.

Writing usually soothes me though. Not so much by hand because my thoughts come faster than I can write. Which reminds me, I found an old book I wrote about 6 or 7 years ago. Not published or anything. I re-read it. It was pretty interesting considering its targeted audience. Maybe I’ll type it up and edit it..possibly send it out. Who knows what could happen. After all, its 2015: the year of opportunity.

The kids most likely sensing something is bit off, have given me a bit of a break today. Sure there have been a couple of tantrums here and there, but nothing that makes me hide in the bathroom for 5 minutes of silence.

I’ll try once again to at least get some paper work done. If all else fails, I’ll consider it my day off and make it up by working a day over the weekend.

But hey, at least my cleaning is done.



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