Did you laugh?

I need $400k.

Did you laugh?

I did. I laughed a lot. Mostly because I don’t have an active income right now. And also because even if I did, my paychecks wouldn’t even equal to a quarter of that.

I have, however, narrowed down all of the expenses on my organization’s budget down to every hairy detail. Now, I’m working on my “in-kind” donations to lessen the amount. (In-kind donations are donated things with a value- so in a budget, if someone donated 3 office desks that had a value of 150 each, that’s a $450 in-kind donation, also $450 off of the $400k). I’m hoping these local businesses carry a kind heart. The goal is to get at least $1000-$5000 worth of in-kind donations. I really just want to launch this project. If only money were no object..

Another thing to check off the checklist is the grants I’m applying to. I’ve already started the majority of the applications, and completing this budget will definitely be the closing. Then it will be a waiting game- the ball will officially be moving..unless someone just decides to donate $200k-500k to our organization randomly like they do in those late-night inspirational movies. You know the ones- If it were based on my life, the TV Guide info would read:

A young black mom endures hardship while trying to raise her family and start a environmentally and economically beneficial business. Little did she know, her neighbor, a normally bitter,  and secretly rich old man would find his inner-kindness on his dying bed, his one last wish: to make all of his neighbor’s dreams come true. Rated: PG 13  Family Movie

Seriously. I need that to happen to me! I promise I wouldn’t even blow it on random crap- I’m too old for that. I’d literally just pay off my bills, buy a very modest house (I don’t need excessive space,I’m not hiring a maid, and I’m definitely not cleaning up a mansions worth of toddler spills), a car (something Eco-friendly, pocket friendly, and nothing leather- again, I have 2 young boys), and load the house with groceries. After that, its all business!

Wishful thinking. I know. But who knows..maybe my magical finance angel is just around the corner.

On that note, I must head to the kitchen. Its Indian food night, and I’m making my infamously loved butter chicken with basmati rice. I forgot the naan bread at the store. How am I only realizing this now?



*update* – Best butter chicken I’ve ever made!

Finance angel, please visit my webpage to learn where to donate. Or buy all of the t-shirts I’m selling here. Don’t worry, I’ll post this at the end of each blog post from here on out! 😉


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