The Complicated Relationship Between Mothers and Their Kids.

*Warning* This post is a familial related revelation post. If family related topics disturb probably clicked on the wrong blog 😉

Awoke at 6:00 AM today in the best way possible.

K.J, my one year old crawled into my bed and gave me the sweetest peck kisses in the world until I opened my eyes. The kisses were followed by a whisper. “Mommy, get up. I want orange pweez.” And while I still had 30 minutes of reservation time with my bed, I couldn’t resist that sweet little request. I slugged to the kitchen, his little hand grasped around my pointer finger, and got him his orange.

I love being a mother. The parts where our matching love-seats aren’t for sitting, but instead emergency igloos on our trek across Alaska during cold winter storms. Those moments when even the smallest injury can only be fixed after mom gives it a magic kiss. Especially their happy, smiling faces when we  successfully make deserts to surprise daddy with after supper. I love helping them discover new things, answering all of their questions and showing them how to research things they don’t understand (My favorite lesson so far: the difference between boy bodies and girl bodies (explaining that women have “lady parts” and breast while men have wee wees and pecs- seriously, hilarious)

Photo Photo

Photo Photo

Photo Photo

And while there are so many positives…Lord knows there are many negatives. For some reason, its frowned upon to speak about the cons of having children- but lets be real, every parent has their bad moments. Its an unwritten rule: No child is allowed to grow up without causing their parent some sort of stress or headache. It doesn’t mean the child is a bad seed, or that the parent is doing a bad job. Its just apart of the child/parent process.

This is where it gets complicated. Because kids have so much to learn, the great moments are often overshadowed by the disciplinary opportunities. Some factors have to be drilled on a daily basis. I’ve thought of recording the repeated phrases on a soundboard, and playing them as needed to save my voice. If I have to keep saying “don’t run in the house,” “share,” or “please, get down from there,” any more, it may be automatically copy written in my honor. But that’s included in the decision of having a family. Repetitive phrases, phrases I’d never thought I say (“please don’t tug your brothers wee wee”- real situation), poop and pee in places I thought I’d never see it, and smells that haven’t been discovered by any scientists yet. The chaos is real. But its a real kind of once in a life time beautiful.

I’m handling it.

I’m no expert though, by any means. I do the best I can. Healthy snacks, balanced diet, quality time, manners, various exposure (1950’s-60’s time-period day and the ode to Punk music hour are my favorites!), chores, no fighting, family first, and all the other major facets of a well rounded mind . But I’m still learning and open to new methods. I just want the best for my boys, better than I had (and to be honest, I had it pretty nice. I had big bumps in the road growing up, but before her passing, my mom was an amazing mother, teacher and role model)

I guess, by writing this out, I’m reminding myself that I really shouldn’t be complaining as much as I do. Yes, running a family is hard work, but its worth every effort if I want my boys to become the very best of themselves as they age. After all, it wasn’t their request to be put in this world, but now that they are here, it is me and Hubby McStudMuffin’s job to make sure they succeed and excel. And I do want them to succeed and excel.

Plus, I’m going to be a cool mom with an awesome talk-to-me-about-anything-I-won’t-judge-but-will-tell-you-if-its-realistic-or-a-bad-idea-but-support-you-when-needed relationship with my boys. Its going to be awesome!



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