Like many TV series, and some books, I’ve decided to name each blog post after a song. I’m in a Nat King Cole vibe this morning 🙂

Its been an intriguing week of events.

I’ve finished one of the most complicated grant proposals in the history of time. It required everything short of my heart and soul to be included in writing. I hope it was not merely for pleasure, but will reveal to be very beneficial for my organization.

Other than that, family life has been consuming. The weather has finally agreed that its been a far too harsh winter and has in turn decided to attempt warming. Right now, it shows to be -16, but a high of -2 is in the works for this afternoon. That’s so close to 0, my boots are squealing.

Not to mention after enduring the 20 minute snow suit struggle multiple times this week, I would finally bring the boys out to play, only to have them complain after 10 minutes that there’s too much snow or its too windy. Seriously, summer cannot come fast enough.

Being inside so much this winter has allowed me to practice some recipes I otherwise wouldn’t have found the time to do. For instance, I made chicken and dumplings for the first time on Thursday. It was such a success, that the boys asked for seconds. That usually only happens during holiday meals or desserts! There was also the success of mushroom and green pepper curry smothered chicken. That one was a personal creation. Next on the list- a popcorn & cornflake crusted pork chop. I’m just really eager to cook with popcorn since seeing it on Chopped 3 years ago. Nothing like channeling my inner Iron Chef during supper time!

I had an amazing dream last night.

I was sitting in my dining room and pulled out my phone to check my bank account and saw that $10 million dollars had been deposited into my account. Not only that, but I had also won a $100 million dollar contest. Now, I know realistically, the odds are .01 out of 100 zillion , but what a dream! I’m hoping it holds some kind of truth, even if those millions are only thousands in real life.

Because I’ve worked so much this week, I have decided to take this day off and probably tomorrow too. The balance of work and home life is vital- even if I am working at home. I can see a difference in the boys willingness to behave when I work for more than 4 days straight. Hopefully Jay, our 3 year old (4 in June), will be starting school this September. It all depends on if we will be able to relocate before May. So much to do, so little time to do it. Wheres that wizard from Disney’s Fantasia when you need him?

I’ll just sum up the rest of this week with some photos. If you spot some opportune caption moments, feel free to leave them below.  😉


After a while, crocodile!


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