Save Tonight

Just keeping it real.

I’m rambling. Please pardon the rambling. There’s always the line of “awareness of audience” and “personal blabbery” that I face when I journal/blog online. The urge to write whichever words and frustrations of the moment freely, without recognizing specific time and order. Not that its a rule., except it kind of is..

Its been a long few days. The time change has somehow managed to lengthen each minute by an hour, giving me a 48 hour day in the matter 24 actual hours. Taking advantage of this is the children. They have decided to join forces and defeat my energy level. I’ve tried to best those hyper-sleep resistant beings but they have excelled to an unforeseen level. To help burn off some of their natural “speed” like qualities, Hubster McStudMuffin and I took them to the park/sledding hill. Thinking 3 hours of fatigue-filled activities would indeed work in our favor, we returned home only to endure in 5 more hours of non-stop running, jumping, banging, fighting, throwing, and climbing adventures. Needless to say when 8 o’clock came, the kids did pass out… only for K.J, my sweet teething angel, to wake up in a screaming fit at 10:00. Only 4 more teeth left! 4 more!

As far as working on the business, I hadn’t met my financial angel yet, but I have made as many moves as I could until we can officially launch. Its nerve racking having to wait, but it frees up more of my days. I’ll take the calm ( life’s version of calm) before the storm of work I’ll be wrapped up in once everything gets going! It does leave more time for family and blogging.

During my “calm”, I have managed to master the art of making homemade salsa, taco-cheese  dip, honey curry chicken, garlic and sweet pepper stuffed chicken, and yellow rice with veggies. I get bored of making the same things and start experimenting. Next time I’ll have to film it- things get crazy, especially once the music starts and sangria gets poured 🙂

On another bright note, my boys are learning to read and write quite quickly! K.J even does his own rendition of the alphabet inspired by some of the songs we hear on Rock & Roll days!

Adios amigos

Blog entry title inspired by Eagle Eye Cherry.


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