Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Could you be mine? Would you be mine?

Remember those days of waking up to Mr. Rogers? It feels like centuries ago, but its been only 20 years. I miss those mornings. Jumping out of bed, turning the knob to PBS and watching The Magic School bus while getting ready for school. Or those days I was able to sneak in a level of Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation. I miss the 90s. I woke up this morning to J, our nearly 4 year old, screaming at me to come wipe his butt after he finished pooping. A unique kind of alarm clock, but it got me up.

I feel myself growing up and getting older. I’ve been getting all of these revelations about myself lately, that its quite freeing. I mean, I’m finally able to say I am completely comfortable with myself as a person-faults and all. Its been so beneficial, knowing who I am, that its become easier for me to accept other people as they are. Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be.. Now that’s stuck in my head.

Anyhow, I figured out some things I can do with my business while awaiting word for financial support: I’m going to collect stain-free, odor free, gently used free furniture, collect a list of people in need from local churches/shelters/schools, and arrange to deliver it to them. Either that or I’m going to start baking my infamously famous southern sweet potato pies and handing them out to the homeless, accompanied with a bottle of water and maybe a sandwich. Maybe I can start handing out “snack sacks” (a brown paper bag with an apple, banana, orange, water and cup of veggie soup). I really just want to help out people less fortunate- it just so happens that I’m not as fortunate myself. Heh, the way the world works. I’ll figure it out. I’ll write out the costs to create 100 “snack sacks” and see if maybe a grocery store will be willing to donate some things. I need a business partner with good connections!

I have a date with destiny, and by destiny, I mean the rubber gloves and bleach to deep clean the kitchen and bathroom.

Hasta la vista, baby

Blog entry title inspired by The Cranberries.


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