Let You Down

And so her memories came.

She sat on the couch, silent and still, for once letting her mind run in whichever direction it pleased. Settling on a memory that hadn’t been thought about since the day itself, she replayed the story of one of her first real disappointments.
It started on a school night. Homework done and lunch packed, the young high school girl decided to catch up on the goings-ons of some of her then favorite musical artists; Taking Back Sunday, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, Finch, and bands of the like. She was eager to see who was coming to town on tour. Her good grades and behavior had made an invisible mutual agreement with her mother that allowed to her permission to frequent concerts on a regular basis. Scrolling through the AOL browser, she discovered that Three Days Grace was coming only a mere 2 hours away- and best of all, on a Saturday. With a broad smile and small shriek, she quickly looked up and printed all the details and prepped to ask her mother. Her confidence rang loud and clear as she had just received an A on her last exam. The conversation was quick:

Mom, Three Days Grace is coming to Macon. Can I go?” she asked, her thirteen old eyes holding the gaze of a woman that appeared much older.
Who are you going with and when?”, her mom asked without looking away from her Computer Technology textbook.
In two weekends and I’m going to ask Kisha,” she said casually laying the details she had printed before next to her mom’s book on the table.
Still browsing through her text book, her mom spoke, “If you can get your sister to go with you, then go for it.

Talking Kisha into it wasn’t an issue. She loved driving, road trips, and rock music.
She found her in the garage-turned game room.
Of course I’ll go,” she said as she lined the tip of the pool stick to the white ball. “As long as I can bring Jo,” she said as she sank ball 7 in the right corner pocket. Jo and Kisha were bestfriends. Inserparrable at this particular time in life, despite Jo’s older age of 21 and Kisha’s nearly 17. When those to girls got together, mischief was usually nearby.

Everyone was on board just as easily as she had hoped. Two weeks flew by and before she knew it, her, Kisha, and Jo were on the I95 towards Macon, blaring Three Days Grace’s album out of the window’s of Kisha’s 2001 VW Beetle. It was going to be amazing.

As they pulled into the parking lot of what looked like a local bar, she began to get nervous. Kisha and Jo were fumbling around the backseat and for some reason she couldn’t move. She was nervous. She had been to many concerts before, but never in such a close capacity to such an amazing band. Jo and Kisha looked back at her, “you ready?” She nodded slowly, and hoped out of the backseat, throwing her mailbag across her shoulder. They walked up to the door, tickets in hand. There was a man sitting outside of the bar collecting tickets. His beard was long and he held a heavy build that he’d decorated in tattoos.

He peeked around Kisha and Jo and glanced at her. In a piteous tone, he spoke, “Sorry, she can’t go in.” He nodded towards her. “What?” Kisha said in a surprised manner. “We all have tickets. It says no age limit.”
Sorry,” the door man said again, “ she can’t go in. This is a bar. You have to be 16 or older with adult supervision, or 21 and older to enter.”

She didn’t say a word. She just walked back to the back of the parking lot where the Beetle rested in the shade, sat on the curb nearby, and cried.

And that’s a common thing in life. Little disappointments. Something she learned to take in strides.

Blog entry title appropriately encouraged by Let You Down.


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